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Timmy Toys - MP065 - Funny Pranks - Fake Finger Bandage

Timmy Toys - MP065 - Funny Pranks - Fake Finger Bandage

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SKU: MP065 |EAN: 8716718100582

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Elevate your prank game with Timmy Toys' MP065, a hilariously realistic Fake Finger Bandage. Designed to shock and then relieve your friends, family, or coworkers with a harmless yet heart-stopping gag, this fake bandage is the perfect way to simulate a severe finger injury without any actual harm. Whether you're aiming for a quick scare or a memorable laugh, here's why this prank is a must-have:

  • Shockingly Realistic: The bandage is crafted to look like a serious finger wound, complete with faux blood and gruesome details, ensuring an initial gasp of horror from your victims.
  • Safe and Harmless: Made from safe, non-toxic materials, this prank offers all the shock value without any risk, ensuring fun remains the priority.
  • Easy to Use: Simply slip it onto your finger and cover it slightly with your hand or an object for an unsuspecting reveal that's sure to garner a reaction.
  • Versatile Prank Tool: Ideal for use at home, in the office, or even during social gatherings - anywhere you can catch someone off-guard for a laugh.
  • Reusable Fun: Durable and easy to clean, the fake finger bandage can be used multiple times, making it a go-to item in your prank arsenal.
  • Great for Prank Enthusiasts: Perfect for those who enjoy a bit of mischief and have a knack for playful scares.

Timmy Toys' MP065 Fake Finger Bandage is a guaranteed way to add some excitement and laughter to your day, proving that sometimes, a little scare can lead to a lot of fun. Get ready to "injure" yourself and enjoy the reactions!

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