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Timmy Toys

Timmy Toys - FT110 - Funny Pranks - Scorpion Eggs

Timmy Toys - FT110 - Funny Pranks - Scorpion Eggs

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SKU: FT110 |EAN: 8716718081140

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Unleash a wave of surprise and hilarity with Timmy Toys' FT110, a devilishly clever prank set titled 'Scorpion Eggs'. Designed for those who revel in the art of the practical joke, this gag gift takes pranking to an exhilarating new level. Whether it's for an April Fool's day joke, a spooky Halloween trick, or just to add a little excitement to your day, here's why the 'Scorpion Eggs' are a must-have in your prank arsenal:

  • Startlingly Realistic: The 'Scorpion Eggs' packaging looks convincingly authentic, setting the perfect trap for your unsuspecting victims.
  • Harmless Fun: While the concept might send shivers down their spine, this prank is completely harmless, making it a safe choice for fun among friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Easy Setup: Simply place the 'Scorpion Eggs' in a spot likely to be discovered by your target and wait for the inevitable reaction when they stumble upon your creepy find.
  • Versatile Prank Potential: Great for use in a variety of settings, from the office to the classroom to home, ensuring a wide audience for your pranking pleasure.
  • Engaging and Interactive: This prank not only surprises but also engages the recipient, sparking curiosity and perhaps even a bit of admiration for your prankster skills.
  • Reusable Gag Gift: The durable design allows for repeated use, making it a gift that keeps on giving, prank after prank.

The Timmy Toys FT110 'Scorpion Eggs' is not just a gag gift; it's an experience. Perfect for anyone with a sense of humor and a love for playful mischief, it's guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and plenty of laughs in its wake. Get ready to be dubbed the ultimate prankster with this unforgettable addition to your prank collection.

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