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Power Escorts

Power Escorts - BR71 - Silicone Kegalballs - Pink

Power Escorts - BR71 - Silicone Kegalballs - Pink

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SKU: BR71 |EAN: 8716718019501

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Power Escorts BR71 Silicone Kegel Ball - 17.5 cm - Dia 3.1 cm - Pink
Discover the ultimate way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
with the Power Escorts BR71 Silicone Kegel Ball. Designed for
both beginners and advanced users, this beautiful pink Kegel ball
provides an effective and enjoyable way to improve your intimate
health. Packaged in an attractive full color box, this product is
not only a functional tool but also a stylish gift. High Quality Silicone The Power Escorts BR71 Kegel Ball is made of premium silicone
material, which is not only soft and flexible, but also
hypoallergenic and body safe. This ensures a comfortable and safe
experience, even during extended use. The silicone quality makes
it easy to clean, so you are always assured of optimal hygiene. Perfect Dimensions for Effective Training With a length of 17.5 cm and a diameter of 3.1 cm, this Kegel ball
offers the ideal dimensions for effective pelvic floor training.
The weight and size have been carefully chosen to provide maximum
results without discomfort. Regular use can help improve muscle
control, which can lead to stronger orgasms and better bladder
control. Stylish and Discreet Packaging Packaged in an elegant full color box, the Power Escorts BR71
skittle ball is an excellent choice for yourself or as a gift.
The stylish packaging ensures that you can store and carry the
product in a discreet and safe way. User-friendly and Efficient The Power Escorts BR71 bowling ball is easy to use.
The ergonomic design allows you to insert and remove the Kegel ball
effortlessly. Start with a few minutes per day and gradually
increase the duration of the workout for optimal results.
This Kegel ball is suitable for use during daily activities,
so you can work on your pelvic floor muscles without extra effort. Main Benefits: High-quality silicone: Soft, flexible and hypoallergenic. Effective dimensions: 17.5 cm in length and 3.1 cm in diameter
for optimal training. Stylish packaging: Full color box for discreet storage and
transport. Easy to use: Easy to insert and remove, suitable for daily use. Resume: Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with the Power Escorts BR71 Kegel ball. Made of high quality silicone for comfort and hygiene. Ideal dimensions of 17.5 cm length and 3.1 cm diameter. Packaged in a stylish full color box. Easy and effective to use, suitable for daily use.

power escorts br71

silicone kegal ball

17,5 cm and dia 3,1 cm


packed in full colour box

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