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Power Escorts

Power Escorts - DISPLAY Mix Items 150 Pieces - Incl. Freestanding Metal Counter Display

Power Escorts - DISPLAY Mix Items 150 Pieces - Incl. Freestanding Metal Counter Display

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SKU: Display Mix Items 150pcs |EAN: 8716718089047

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Power Escorts Introduce The Power Display

Power Escorts Free standing Metal counter display including 150 pieces of branded Power Escorts and some Playboy products with a completely free of charge display worth e 60

The dimensions of the unique metal counter display are as follow:

  • Front Facings : 20
  • Freestanding , can be hanged aswell
  • Extra Metal Part so that the display can adjustable and reposition to carry heavier products
  • Colour ; Trendy Black
  • Length x Width x Height 50x38x80cm
  • please note the contents can vary but always 150 pcs
  • br63 8
    Br211S 4
    Br216S 4
    Br270Pink en Br270Black Mix 5
    Br272 8
    Br121 8
    Br73 8
    Br251Clear en Br251Black Mix 8
    Br176Red / BR176 Black 5
    Br72 8
    Br50/ BR49 8
    Br165Black 6
    Kpo13 Party Candles 9
    At001124 Argus T-Plug Mix van 3 11
    At001126/At001096 Argus T-Plug 11
    Kpo12 Party Candles 9
    Br206Red/Pink/Blue/Leopart Mix 8
    Playboy Warming/Classic Mix van 3 7
    Playboy Strawberry Kiss Mix van 3 7
    Br206Black/White/Metal Mix 8
    Totaal products 150

Imagine a seductive and sensual setting where a stunning display of glistening cock rings and many other products like hand cuffs , penis candles , remote control eggs , playboy lubricants, argus anal plugs , bondage tape, vibrating eggs , all fast moving articles, ideal to put on special place near the cash counter.

The display, crafted from gleaming stainless steel, exudes power and elegance. Carefully curved hooks embrace the rings, beckoning you into the alluring realm of pleasure. Each product adorning this enchanting display is a masterpiece in itself. They are made from soft and supple silicone, molding perfectly to the contours of masculinity. Some rings are subtly textured, boasting tantalizing ridges or stimulating nodules that intensify every touch. Others are adjustable, allowing the user to find the perfect fit that maximizes their arousal. As your eyes wander across the display, you discover an array of colors, from seductive black to striking red and daring blue. Each color accent evokes a sense of passion and seduction, further fueling your desire. The light dances upon the smooth surfaces of the rings, bestowing a provocative sheen that ignites your imagination. The display with cock rings invites you to bring your wildest fantasies to life. It is not merely a storage solution but a decorative element that creates an erotic ambiance in the retailshop It promises thrilling adventures and hours of pleasure, all while allowing you to showcase your collection in a sensual and organized manner. Using these enchanting cock rings brings forth a new dimension of delight. This display with ideal mix of all daily use articles is not just a practical tool but a gateway to a world of sensual exploration. Succumb to its shimmering allure and let your fantasies run wild. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey filled with pleasure and passion, where each moment is steeped in lust and gratification. You can change the products for a similar type of product.

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