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Playboy - Lubricant - Strawberry - 89ml

Playboy - Lubricant - Strawberry - 89ml

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SKU: Playboy Strawberry |EAN: Playboy Strawberry


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Brand: Playboy
Product: Lubricant - Strawberry
Volume: 89ml
Quantity: 1 to 12 Pieces

Indulge in the sweet and sensual experience of Playboy Lubricant - Strawberry. This delightful lubricant is designed to heighten your intimate moments with a delicious strawberry flavor.


  • Tantalizing Flavor: Playboy's Strawberry Lubricant offers a mouthwatering strawberry flavor that adds a playful and delicious element to your intimate encounters.

  • Silky Smooth: With a silky-smooth texture, this lubricant ensures a friction-free and pleasurable experience for you and your partner.

  • Long-Lasting Formula: Formulated for extended pleasure, it allows you to savor intimate moments without interruptions.

  • Water-Based: It's water-based, making it compatible with latex condoms and safe for use with your favorite toys.

  • Easy Dispensing: The 89ml bottle is designed for easy and convenient application, ensuring you have just the right amount every time.

Playboy is synonymous with sophistication and sensuality, and their lubricant products are no exception. Whether you're spicing up your intimate moments alone or with a partner, Playboy Lubricant - Strawberry adds a delicious twist to your sensual adventures.

Elevate your intimacy and pleasure with the premium quality of Playboy's Strawberry Lubricant. Order now and infuse a delightful strawberry flavor into your sensual experiences.





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